Enteral glutamine was not used for our patients vs. Table 4 Patient nutrition assessment information. A teaching hospital is defined as a hospital that provides training to medical students and residents. Nutritional deficiencies during critical illness. Abstract Background In previous decades several studies have been performed demonstrating that providing appropriate nutritional support to intensive care unit patients affects complications, time of mechanical ventilation, length of ICU stay, and risk of death. First, the characteristics of our ICU with regards to hospital type, size of hospital number of beds , multiple ICUs in the hospital, ICU type, size of ICU number of beds , case types, presence of a medical director, presence of a dietitian, and full time equivalent dietitian one per 10 beds were compared with sister sites and all ICUs.

farzin golnar

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Closed ICUs are defined as sites in which patients are under the care of an intensivist or care is shared between the intensivist and another attending physician.

Because Masih Daneshvari Hospital is a tertiary care center for chronic respiratory diseases, we encounter many critically ill patients with chronic and profound oxidative and hypoxic stress.

Different characteristics of these ICUs are shown in Table 2. Randomized, prospective trial of antioxidant supplementation in critically ill surgical patients. The most common method among sister sites and all sites was weight based: After that, the nutritional adequacy was compared in the three groups as a summary measure of performance.


High-dose selenium for critically ill patients with systemic inflammation: This may explain the higher adequacy of calorie and protein measurements for our patients. Table 4 Patient nutrition assessment information.

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The last survey was carried out in Sep. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

farzin golnar

Catabolic response to stress and potential benefits of nutrition support. All patients admitted to an intensive care unit during a specified one-month period who required artificial nutrition were included in this study. In addition, normal anabolic activity, needed to drive protein synthesis, is decreased.

farzin golnar

The median age was Micronutrient deficiencies after bariatric surgery. Conclusion In our ICU, enteral feeding was superior to parenteral feeding. Glutamine and Selenium supplementations have not been used yet for patient in our ICU, regardless of their proven benefits in oxidative stress conditions like pulmonary diseases.

We just used polymeric formula during this study. However, selenium supplementation has not been used yet for any patient in our ICU, regardless of its proven benefits. As a result of formula variation limits, we overestimated calories and protein needs. Table 2 The characteristics of the intensive care units included in this study. This rate was 1.


farzin golnar

Other characteristics of patients are presented in Table 3. Considering the above, 18 of our 20 patients received only enteral feeding and 2 out of 20 received both enteral and parenteral feeding, which was acceptable according to Critical Care Nutrition guidelines.

The mean size of hospitals was beds with a range of 50 to 1, beds. Characteristics of patients, performance of nutrition practices, and ICU outcomes were registered for all patients and compared with data from other intensive care units from various countries around the world. Thus, poor clinical outcomes and management failure should be expected in the natural clinical setting of Masih Daneshvari Hospital’s Gopnar.


Adequacy of protein from EN in EN only patients. Further details are shown in Table 5. Petros S, Engelmann L. It is notable that we used only polymeric formula in this study. A critical care perspective. Of the ICUs included in this survey, Author information Article notes Go,nar and License information Disclaimer.